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Kotlin Android’s New Officially-Supported Language

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Kotlin Android

Kotlin Android’s New Officially-Supported Language

Android Studio 3.0 comes with full support for a new coding language Kotlin! This will provide more stable development experience for all Koltin Android developers. Kotlin brings all of the advantages of a modern language to the Android platform. Now you can create new projects with Kotlin language or you can add Kotlin files to existing Android project. Kotlin works side by side with Java and C++ for Android. So you can use all the new cool features of Kotlin without completely re-writing your application.

Java or Kotlin?

You can use both together! As I have mentioned already Kotlin works side by side with Java and C++ for Android. You don’t have to leave Java, the first language which comes to your mind when you think of Android.

  • Kotlin provides Java language interoperability.

    The Kotlin Language is designed in such a way that you can call Java methods from Kotlin code easily. Which lets you to use Kotlin code along with Java code.

  • Kotlin requires less ‘boiler plate’ code

    Compared to Java the Kotlin doesn’t cause any slow down or increase in file sizes. The key point is that Kotlin requires less ‘boiler plate’ code, meaning that it is a more streamlined and easy-to-read system. This makes Kotlin fast and easy to code.

It is a good time to start exploring Kotlin Android. Go hit the road with Kotlin!

I’ll be back with more interesting features of Kotlin. Meanwhile you can know more about Kotlin Android in Android’s official documentation.

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