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New Android Studio 3.0 with support for Kotlin, Java 8 & Instant Apps

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Google’s Android Studio 3.0 dev environment is now available in the stable channel packed with some major updates.  The most notables features of the new Android Studio 3.0 is built-in support for Kotlin and Java 8. The Android Studio 3.0 also comes with a new suite of app profiling tools to quickly diagnose performance issues.

The new version 3.0 is packed with Kotlin compatibility, the open-source programming language used by many popular Android apps on Google Play today. It allows for easier development with more concise code and comes with greater performance and interoperability with Java. You can either start a project in Kotlin or convert Java project files into Kotlin with just a couple of clicks in the app.

Kotlin to Java conversion Android Studio 3.0
Kotlin to Java conversion Android Studio 3.0

Android Studio 3.0 have improved the support for Java 8 which includes the Java language features like Lambda expressions, default and static interface methods, and method references.

Instant App Support is another major attraction of the new Android Studio 3.0 . It is an important features which you shouldn’t miss out. Instant Apps are lightweight Android apps that your users can immediately run without installation.

The all new exciting features of the version 3.0 will take Android app development to the next level. If you are using a previous version of Android Studio, you can upgrade to latest version by clicking ‘check for updates’ or you can download the latest version here.

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